What We Do


Automation & Third Party Device Integration

Drive Even Greater Efficiency Between Manufacturing, Devices & Equipment and ERP Software

(all four activities by the same organization!)

Run a streamlined and organized operation by seamlessly integrating OSJava ERP software with third party devices: equipment on the manufacturing shop floor, in the warehouse or in your office.

OSJava has led the automation between ERP software, gate, weighbridge, shop floor and warehouses to give your real time control and stats on your operations.

Having real-time shop floor data from equipment that works in tandem with the ERP system delivers greater efficiency, allowing manufacturers to be more competitive in a demand driven economy.

PLCs integration to capture information from Production Area and other pieces of equipment

Automatic Weighbridge Integration

Bar Coding Integration in Production and Warehouse

Token System, Number Plate recognition and CCTV camera integration at Gate for Vehicles

Biometric Integration for Attendance and Payroll

Import and Export routine for third party devices, heterogeneous systems

APIS though ODBCs for Automation routines


Android Mobile App Development Services

Joining hands with OSJava offers businesses several benefits, including dedicated access to the extensive expertise of our in-house professionals from the IT and ITES industry, robust application that sustains the challenging IT problems, and a user-friendly interface that brings ease of operations.

We are also known in the market for our willingness to offer sustainable solutions that lead our clients toward digital prosperity. Our Android App Development Services offer most cost optimizing solutions for all industries including ecommerce, automobile, finance & banking and many others.

We are also known in the market for our willingness to offer sustainable solutions that lead our clients toward digital prosperity. OSJava android mobile app development practices and measures are valued across the market. Customized android application development services help businesses to reach a larger global audience.

We help organizations to develop powerful enterprise-level apps through credible open-source technologies that offer sustainability and enable organizations to reimagine their digital future.

Expertise in Android SDK, Android Media APIs, Wi-Fi, and Android Security Architecture fuels our app development processes. This reflects prominently in the end product we deliver.

Our android mobile app development services offer cost optimizing solutions for all industries, including eCommerce, automobile, finance & banking, and many others.


Transforming Software Testing with Scriptless Test Automation

OSJava’s scriptless test automation empowers the testers and business users to automate test cases without agonizing over the coding. As testing demands functional knowledge, scriptless automation would eliminate scripting to empower business and functional experts to create automated tests. We at OSJava assist businesses to achieve faster outcomes and reduce the time to understand the code.

With our Scriptless Automation Testing Services, your complete software development process will be accelerated. Our effective scriptless automation testing strategy allows enterprises to participate in test automation and expands the scope of code reusability.

Our experienced scriptless test automation specialists accelerate continuous delivery and lead to more viable test suites. We build a well-designed scriptless framework that can achieve a higher maintenance level, enabling you to adequately change workflows and data while being in complete control of the impact on overall automation.